Mechanized pruning

From AGR we offer all our clients mechanized pruning services, fully adaptable to customer requirements.

Mechanized pruning for olive trees refers to the use of specialized tools and machinery to prune olive and almond trees more efficiently, more economically, and quickly than traditional manual pruning.

There are several types of machinery for mechanized pruning of olive and almond trees, including:

Mechanical pruning shears:

They are cutting tools that are used to cut smaller branches in the tree. These scissors are driven by an electric or hydraulic motor.

Mechanical pruners:

They are machines designed specifically for pruning woody crops. These machines are equipped with rotating discs or blades that can cut branches at different heights.

Mechanized pruning of olive and almond trees can be faster and more efficient than manual pruning, especially in large olive plantations. It is imperative that mechanized pruning does not damage the tree and negatively affect its health and fruit production.

This is why, keep in mind that mechanized pruning requires specialized and trained equipment to operate it correctly.

If you need advice from our professionals, we will be at your disposal, you just need to contact us and we will offer you a totally personalized and adapted service.

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