The AGR Nursery has different varieties and formats of both almond and olive trees. The client will be able to choose the variety and format that will later be transported to the farm.

In this process, all planting work, by hand or machine, tying, placement of the protector and placement of the trellis, are also included.

Planting is a process that requires planning and care to ensure healthy growth and a successful harvest.

Some of the general and fundamental steps of the planting process:

1 - Geographical location:

It is important to choose a suitable site to plant both olive and almond trees. The soil should be well drained and have a pH between 6 and 8. The need for direct sunlight to grow well, so be sure to choose a site that has full sun exposure is paramount.

2 - Preparation of the ground:

The land must be subsoiled or ripped and leveled before planting. It is important to remove weeds and other obstacles that may interfere with root growth. The correct drainage of the land is a very important factor to guarantee the success of the plantation.

3 - Selection of varieties:

There are many varieties available, of olive and almond trees, and it is important to choose the right variety for the climate and soil of your land.

4 - Plantation:

Most olive and almond trees (potted) are planted in spring or autumn. Each step in the entire integral process is necessary for the success and profitability of the land.

5 - Irrigation:

It is important to water regularly after planting to ensure good growth and development of the roots so have an automated, efficient and substantial irrigation system.

6 - Maintenance:

The plantation needs to be pruned regularly to promote healthy growth and fruit production. It is also important to fertilize them regularly and control pests and diseases.

In short, planting olive and almond trees is a process that requires planning, care and ongoing maintenance. If done correctly, the two crops can produce fruit for decades and provide a sustainable source of income.

In addition, AGR has an agreement with several banks, both in Portugal and Spain, in which it makes available a financial product with competitive advantages when carrying out the plantation. If you are interested, please contact us and we will inform you about it.

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