AGR we are agriculture

It is what we are passionate about, what moves us and matters to us. Our team, with extensive experience in the agricultural sector, are committed to commitment and quality work to maximize customer profitability in the long term. They have the capacity to resolve any need presented by the client. Their passion for agriculture leads them to be up to date with any news in the sector.

The agricultural technicians are located in different parts of Spain and Portugal. This geographical extension entails a closer and periodic treatment with a great involvement in each project.

Hugo Janeiro

of AGR

Alberto Marquez

Head of Plantations and
advice from Andalusia

Jose Maria Pedrero

Head of Plantations and
advice from Extremadura

Rui Canario

Head of Plantations and Consultancy in Portugal

Ana Lopez

of the nursery

Bruno Santos

Plantation and transformation technician

Paulo Arraia

Head of Plantations and Transformations in Portugal

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