Experts in olive cultivation

We specialize in planting and caring for olive trees in Spain and Portugal, and have extensive experience in the agricultural sector. As part of the Prado Group, we apply the same working model, which we use in our own farms, which allows us to offer customized and high quality solutions that adapt to the specific needs of our customers.

In recent years, olive cultivation in Spain and Portugal has undergone a process of agricultural innovation.

The emergence of new production systems, such as intensive and hedge olive groves, has led to a significant improvement in the profitability and quality of the crop. Thanks to these systems, a higher density of planting and a mechanization of tasks is possible, which allows to reduce production costs and increases production per hectare.

At AGR, we are committed to always offering innovative and efficient solutions for our customers. We keep up to date on the latest trends and technological advances in the agricultural sector, which allows us to offer customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project. We are at the forefront of agricultural innovation and offer solutions that maximize our customers’ return on investment.

We are a company specialized in olive plantation in Spain and Portugal

In Spain and Portugal, olive crops are of great economic importance as Spain is the world’s leading olive oil producer and Portugal a growing country. In addition, the olive sector is expanding in new countries, with the planting of 160,000 hectares of olive trees a year worldwide.

We offer a comprehensive service for olive cultivation, which includes from topographic studies and soil mapping, to the preparation of the land and the planting of intensive and hedge production systems. Our technical team offers comprehensive advice and supervision throughout the process.

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional service and loyal commitment at all stages of the project. We adapt to the specific needs of each client, providing a customized solution that maximizes the return on investment. Trust us for a complete and quality service in olive cultivation.

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