Intensive olive planting service

We offer our customers a comprehensive intensive olive grove service, where we manage the entire cultivation process from the preparation of the land to the harvest of the olive.

Our dedicated technical team works closely with the customer to ensure that the plants are tailored to specific ground conditions and return on investment is maximised.

The intensive olive grove is a production system that is characterized by a higher density of planting than the traditional olive grove, from 300 to 500 olive trees per hectare, allowing each tree to grow more and form a more voluminous crown. This translates into higher olive production per hectare, which in turn improves crop profitability.

In addition, with this cultivation system, it is possible to make better use of resources, which increases efficiency and reduces production costs compared to other types of less profitable planting frames.

At AGR, we use the most advanced techniques and best agricultural practices to ensure the quality and productivity of our intensive olive grove crops. In addition, we offer our clients continuous and personalized advice, with the aim of maximizing their profitability and ensuring their long-term satisfaction.

Comprehensive advisory service and intensive olive planting

When it comes to intensive olive planting, we carry out a complete study of the terrain, taking into account factors such as topography and soil characteristics. This allows us to design the optimal distance between the trees and the proper separation of the streets, thus ensuring an efficient and profitable planting.

Our highly trained technical team takes care of the entire process, from land preparation to planting and advice and collection in the field. In addition, we offer complementary services such as irrigation and fertilization, thus ensuring maximum productivity and profitability of the crop.

What is the cost of an intensive olive plantation?

The cost of an intensive olive grove plantation can vary depending on several factors, such as geographical location, climate, characteristics of the terrain, planting framework, variety, among others.

A specific analysis is necessary to determine the exact cost of each project. At AGR, we strive to offer customized solutions adapted to the needs of each client, so our prices vary depending on the services contracted and the complexity of each project. Our goal is to guarantee the profitability and success of each project, granting a high quality service and a loyal commitment to our customers.

Framework of planting the olive grove in intensive

Before carrying out the preparation of the land for the planting of intensive olive groves, it is essential to carry out a detailed study and design that includes the planting framework. At AGR, we adapt the planting framework according to the olive variety and the amount of water available, but in general for the intensive olive production system, we usually work with planting frames of 6x4m, 6x5m, 7x4m and 7x5m. These planting frames guarantee an adequate distribution of the trees, which allows a correct growth and a good production. In addition, the correct distribution of trees also facilitates access to machinery and olive harvesting.

Olive grove yield in intensive

Intensive olive cultivation can produce on average around 14,000 kg of olives per hectare, with an approximate fat yield of 14%, which is equivalent to around 1960 kg of oil per hectare. However, what really differentiates this production system is how quickly it reaches its maximum production, which usually happens in about 7 years. It is important to note that this data may vary depending on various factors, such as the variety of olive tree and the climatic and soil conditions in which it is grown.

+14,000 Production Kg/ha – 14% Fat yield
+1960 kg of oil/ha – 7 years production reaches maximum capacity

Calculate profitability

The techniques used throughout the planting process make our customers’ investments efficient and productive and thus guarantee that their recovery is very fast.

The specialized staff and technicians of the team present a study in which, through the evaluation of market prices, they offer the client an analysis to know the ROI (Return on Investment). This study takes into account different aspects of investment in this growth system. We also calculate the return on investment (IRR) for a more complete analysis.

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