Hedge olive grove plantations

The super-intensive olive grove production system or also called hedge olive grove is a very efficient and automated agronomic model that solves the problem of the lack of labor in agriculture and allows a better use and control of the resources applied to the field.

Key benefits

One of its main advantages is that, with easy handling throughout the production cycle of the olive tree, we achieve high profitability. This production system manages to be more competitive, lowering costs due to the mechanization of crop management, a fact that is gaining space compared to traditional and intensive planting frameworks

Cost of planting olive groves in hedgerows

The cost of a super-intensive olive grove plantation will depend on many external factors, such as the geographical location, environmental characteristics, the specific planting framework, the variety, among many others.

From AGR and in its commitment to its customers, it has an agreement with several banks, both in Portugal and Spain, in which it makes available a financial product with advantages when it comes to making an olive grove plantation in hedge.

Frames for super-intensive olive plantation

The hedge olive grove system arranges the olive trees in a linear way in which the plants are distanced between 1.2m and 1.5m along the planting line and 3.5m to 4m between the lines of the planting. This translates into a high density that is very close to or exceeds 2,000 olive plants/ha

Production and yield of olive groves in hedgerows

The olive tree, in a super-intensive production system, has a high productive efficiency, due to the large amount of leaf surface, exposed to solar radiation, which is very close to the axis of the tree, reducing the distance to its productive branches and consequently losing assimilated photo. In addition, the correct pruning and nutrition together with beneficial practices for the olive grove, makes it possible to reach an average production of more than 14,000 kg / ha with a fat yield of 15% which is equivalent to more than 2,000 kg of oil / ha.

The main difference of the hedge olive grove compared to other planting frameworks, in addition to its great mechanization, is that in 3-4 years it reaches the peak of maximum production.

+14,000 Production Kg/ha – 15% Fat yield
+2000 kg oil/ha – 3-4 years production reaches maximum capacity

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