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The world’s largest producer of almonds is currently the United States of America, while in second place is Spain, with a total production of more than 121,000 tons of almonds per year. In recent years, the cultivation of almond trees has experienced a significant increase due to the high profitability it offers, the increase in the consumption of this nut and the increase in the price of almonds.

The increase in almond production has led to a revolution in technical and agronomic development

This increase in almond production has led to a revolution in the technical and agronomic development of almond plantations, becoming one of the most profitable crops today.

However, to obtain a productive harvest it is important to take into account other factors such as the technical protocol, the correct choice of variety and rootstock and the use of appropriate machinery.

With proper management of these factors, growing almond trees can be very beneficial for both farmers and the local economy.

In AGR we are a company specialized in the planting of almond trees throughout Spain and Portugal

At AGR, we specialize in almond plantations, and we have the technological equipment and machinery necessary to carry out our work efficiently and profitably.

We focus mainly on the production of intensive crops and almond hedges, and use the same working model and studies that are applied in the Prado Group to guarantee exceptional results for our clients.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes, from the evaluation and preparation of the land and the elaboration of soil maps, the installation and construction of irrigation systems to the planting of the almond tree. In addition, we carry out manual or machine planting according to the needs of each client. In our eagerness to guarantee profitability in the field, we execute other field activities, such as mechanical pruning and harvesting.

Our technical team is highly trained to carry out a job adapted to the needs of each client, advising them in every step of the process. We offer a reliable service and a loyal commitment to our customers to ensure their satisfaction and the success of the almond plantation.

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