Super-intensive almond plantations

Farmers are increasingly opting for intensive and super-intensive cropping systems due to their increased profitability and production capacity. Among these systems, hedge is becoming increasingly popular due to its high mechanization and optimistic growth projections for the crop in the coming years. The choice of cultivation model will depend on several factors, such as the characteristics of the terrain, climatic conditions and market needs, among others.

We carry out a comprehensive service of cultivation of almond trees in hedge

The level of service we provide to our customers is not only determined by their needs, but also by various external factors such as climate, topography and the characteristics of the terrain on which the farm is located. From the detailed analysis of the terrain to the collection, we provide our clients with all the machinery, technical equipment and materials necessary to carry out the contracted works efficiently and with excellence in quality.

Importantly, our focus on quality and efficiency translates into the selection of state-of-the-art materials and equipment, as well as the hiring of highly trained personnel with extensive experience in the agricultural sector. In addition, our company is committed to complying with all local and international rules and regulations regarding safety and environmental protection.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with a personalized service adapted to their specific needs, combining our technical knowledge and our passion for agriculture to ensure that our clients achieve the best results on their farm.

Cost of implementing a new almond plantation

The cost of an almond plantation with a super intensive planting framework can vary depending on various factors, such as geographical location, climate, soil characteristics, planting framework, variety, rootstocks, royalty, among others.

Framework for almond plantations in hedge

In our hedge cropping system, we have significantly reduced the size of planting frames. Currently, we work with frames between 3.2 and 3.5 meters of distance between lines and 1 to 1.5 meters of separation between floors. This translates into a high planting density, which will normally exceed 2,200 plants/ha.

Super-intensive almond production

The increase in the intensification of planting frames results in an increased number of hedge-shaped plants, which allows complete mechanization of the crop. This is beneficial in situations of labor shortage, since harvesting and other work can be carried out in a fully mechanized manner.

In general, a maximum production of around 2,000 kg of pip per hectare can be obtained from the fourth year after planting. In addition, it is important to note that this cultivation system, by allowing mechanization, reduces the amount of manual labor needed and therefore, can decrease labor costs. Our team of agricultural experts is at your disposal to advise you on the choice of the most suitable planting system for your farm, considering the particularities of your terrain, climate and other relevant factors. We strive to offer efficient and customized solutions for our customers to achieve the best results in their almond production.

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