Sale and production of olive plants

Since 2018, we have our own olive nursery for the production and sale of olive plants, a crop that is growing exponentially, reaching three million in a year and increasing. In the nursery we are committed to a quality and technified innovation system, we control the production cycle and guarantee excellence in sanitary quality.

We are producers of olive plants with nursery in Spain

Our nursery team has more than 15 years of experience in the study and improvement of different formats of the olive plant, as well as in the innovation of production processes. We work together with the R + D + i department to be able to offer olive farmers that meet the needs of each field.

In our nursery we currently produce two varieties of olive, arbosana and arbequina, the two varieties that gave rise to the production of olive groves in super intensive. In addition, the arbequina adapts perfectly with very good results to the intensive production system. These varieties are highly productive, with an early entry into production and their oils are of high quality, sweet, delicate and fragrant, with a high percentage of oleic acid.

In the event that the farmer prefers another variety of olive tree, for edaphoclimatic or strategic reasons, we breed it maintaining our standards of quality and plant health. We offer different formats of olive plant, potted or bagged.

We take care of the entire process of Production, quality control and transport

We take care of the entire production process, quality control and transport, to guarantee the excellent plant health of the olive tree. For this, we provide the best preventive treatments for diseases, a monitored and automated irrigation system, the ideal temperature and we control possible weeds.

This allows any farmer to acquire olive plants of unbeatable quality and rely on our team of nursery experts to ensure the success of their plantation.

Characteristics of our olive tree nursery:

Greater protection against vectors transmitting diseases because it is a crop under plastic in the case of the potted olive tree.

Control of the nutritional needs of the plant

Internal studies of plant quality by the production department

Phytosanitary control of the main pests and diseases of the olive tree by the R + D + i department

Uniformity in cultivation

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Plant varieties we work with

The choice of the plant is a key process in the planting of olive groves so we advise you on the most efficient variety taking into account the terrain and climate. Our nursery will breed the selected plant with the most optimal quality standards

Olive plant in Peat (pot 7x7x11)

Olive plant in Lima (Bolsa)

The techniques we use at AGR result in profitability for our clients

The techniques that AGR uses as a service company and the integral management of olive groves that we offer, results in profitability in the client’s field in an efficient and productive way. The specialized staff and technicians of the team show a study in which, valuing market prices, they offer an analysis to the client to know the ROI (Return on Investment). This study takes into account different aspects involved in investing in this cultivation system.

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